Three combined concepts and guidelines that produce “premium service”

Prime Assistance Inc. has been engaged in shaping “the Prime Assistance corporate culture” through a process of various trials and errors since our foundation in 2012.
As a result of those efforts, business results have also steadily improved and the number of employees has increased yearly. In order to soar even higher as a company while we are going through this growing process, we believe it is extremely important that we clarify “what we value” and “what we promise”.
In short, that means actively transmitting the “Prime Assistance” brand.

Commentary: “Combined Concepts” that Produce Premium Quality

We do not have a predetermined definition for “premium service”.
Rather, we aim to achieve “the best outcome” for each individual customer.

We do not define or delimit the form or goals of “premium service” ourselves;
because our customers are the ones who always evaluate our service.
We are committed to working towards the best outcomes for each individual customer, and in doing so we will continue to produce the best results.


We always look for the best proposal to meet customers’ expectations.

Expectations that “Prime Assistance will deliver” are a major driving force for us to produce the best possible proposal.
Having the “resolve” and “sense of responsibility” about how to respond to customers’ expectations are our guidelines as professionals in addition to having sufficient ability to resolve customers’ troubles.


We will be the ultimate consumer of functional service.
We will be the ultimate conveyor of inspiring service

To deliver “premium service”, we divide our services into “functional services” and “inspiring services”, and made clear “what is required of us” for each of these fields.
For functional services, we need outstanding knowledge and resourceful, responsive skills from people and networks.
For inspiring services, we need human capabilities, and “an attitude of hospitality” and “work that conveys those attributes”.


Commentary: “Combined Concepts” that Produce Premium Quality

Combined Concepts

Having a good MIND and SKILL make it easy to deal with ordinary customers, but…
…working in the assistance industry requires rapid resolution of a wide array of problems…
…so “JUDGEMENT” that matches each situation has an enormous impact on customer satisfaction.


In this way, we can put our “Prime Heart” mindset into action, working together in unity with colleagues and partner companies to enhance “rewards”, “enjoyment” and “creativity” to deliver lots of premium services to customers.