Strengthen Your Core Operation by Outsourcing Operations

Prime Assistance receives contracts for operations from client companies, conducting various business processes, office operations, and so forth.


Strengthen Your Core Business by Outsourcing Your Business Processes

Outsourcing non-core business enables you to concentrate company resources on divisions and operations that have stronger competitive advantages.

Reduce Operating Costs

Our highly experienced staff will review operation standardization and flow, and automate processes using IT tools to optimize operating processes and increase operation quality.

Example of Service Use

Operation of Customer Service Office

We operate customer service offices for manufacturer and sales company customers as service systems for their customers who have purchased goods or products.


  • Operation of extended warranty systems for automobile manufacturers and automobile sales companies
  • Operation of systems such as “free minor repair service” for automobile insurance policyholders for an automobile sales company
  • Operation of systems for answering incoming calls from customers and dispatching replacement parts and so forth in services for replacing faulty products
  • Operation of systems for responding to various inquiries regarding products sold by manufacturers
  • Operation of systems for service industry customers who provide new services through the internet, from processing applications for the service to website usage support

In addition to these, we can handle various operations to suit the needs of client companies.

  • Clients who want to leave construction and operation of new services to a provider with a good performance record and expertise
  • Clients who struggle to handle a large number of items requiring them to provide services
  • Clients who struggle to handle operations requiring year-round, 24-hour response in house
  • Clients who want to provide a single contact point for customers requiring multiple services

If you are facing these kinds of issues, please talk to us at Prime Assistance.